Below I have attempted to compile a list of writing I have done around the web. Some are only available behind a paywall of one sort or another.

Technical Writing

I’ve written a handful of technical articles on Medium. I’ve posted a few of these here as well, but if you want fancy graphics, check out the Medium link.

Writing for Employers

Every now and then, I have had the occasion to write a technical article for the engineering blog of a company I work at. I’ve assembled those below for your perusal.

Kafka Consumer Assignments (May 2017)
I wrote a bit about the load balancing algorithm used by the Apache Kafka project for my erstwhile employer’s tech blog.

Exception Handling (March 2015)
All about exception handling in a production system that I wrote while working at Signal in Chicago.


I’ve been publishing fiction, mostly with a science fictional bent, since the early 2010s. In 2015 I was accepted into the competitive Viable Paradise writing workshop which is focused on science fiction. After that point I started writing my fiction under a pen name, but you can find a few notable pieces under my real name below.