Resumes can become long unreadable documents when learning about technology is your job. Instead of exhaustively listing every thing I’ve worked on, and every company I’ve worked with, I’ve distilled down my work history. For a more exhaustive list, please see my LinkedIn profile. If you get in touch I can provide my full proper résumé via email.

2014 – Present: Backend Engineering & Data Engineering

I worked on large codebases, designed database schemas and APIs, and worked in cloud computing environments to solve data problems. Basically, if it involves a web server and a database and it needs to scale, I have done it. In recent years I’ve been working with cloud native solutions such as Amazon Web Services.

2008 – 2013: Web Development

I spent a few years writing server endpoints and wrangling JavaScript while pushing the companies I worked with to take advantage of modern browser capabilities and (then-new) MVC/MVP patterns in JavaScript UIs. I also got into Node.js, Python, and JS toolchains.