My latest resume is available here.

The Long, Prosaic Version

I have worked in software development for most of my career. I have built everything from web UIs to backend infrastructure and data models, using just about every modern programming language at one point or another. In my professional work I abide by the ACM code of ethics. In short, this means taking seriously the impact of software development on both the end-users of technology as well as society as a whole.

In addition to contributing technical work, I also enjoy the art of technical communication. I like to focus on providing documentation, dashboards, and diagrams to allow everyone in the organization to understand the systems I work on. I also provide technical review of books published through O’Reilly Media.

Aside from technical writing as part of my software development career, I have also written novels, articles, essays, and blog posts.

For my full work history, please visit me on LinkedIn.

Cloud Computing

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Native Infrastructure

  • Kubernetes (via GKE and EKS)
  • Infrastructure as code (Terraform)
  • Dockerizing applications for rapid deployment

Software Architecture

  • Microservice architectures
  • Service-oriented architectures (SOA)


  • RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Relational database schema design
  • Non-RDBMS (MongoDB, Cassandra)
  • Experience working with a variety of ORMs
  • Query optimization
  • Not afraid to write SQL by hand

Programming Languages

  • Go
  • Python 3
  • Java
  • Scala
  • Less recent work with: Ruby, Clojure, JavaScript, Perl

Big Data & Streaming

  • Kafka
  • Spark (PySpark and Scala APIs) and Hadoop Stack
  • Cassandra
  • Google Pub/Sub
  • Google Big Query

Monitoring & Alerting

  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • Participation in on-call rotation


  • Release & Deployment process
  • Infrastructure as code (Terraform)

Technical Writing

  • Produced documentation and training materials for developers
  • Architecture documentation and definition
  • Technical review of books (for O’Reilly Media)

Project Planning

  • Experience operating on teams with Agile methodologies
  • Story estimation process