Leaving WordPress

Soon I will be transitioning this website from WordPress hosted on AWS to a static HTML site on Cloudflare Pages.

Part of the reasoning is that I am trying to reduce the cost of running a website that does not make me money. I’ve also grown tired of the constant bot attacks on my poor WordPress installation, which needs to be patched and upgraded. This is work I would rather not do.

Another, more ideologically motivated reason is that I have become really enamored of the idea of the indie web. A static site is really the way to go if you wish to customize the tools and components of your personal website. And I miss the charm and simplicity of a true Personal Homepage unlike any other site on the web.

A final, and more classically self-serving reason, is that I have been working at Cloudflare for over a year now, and I’ve begun to drink the kool-aid.

You can view it as a WIP here.