Review of Dell U2720Q



The Dell U2720Q. A 27″ 4k monitor ideal for your home office.

The U2720Q is Dell’s latest 27 inch entry in its “ultra sharp” category of monitors. I previously owned both a P2715Q and a U2711. The “ultra sharp” Dell monitors (beginning with a U prefix) are superior products, while the P series is nothing to write home about.

The U2711 was probably my favorite monitor that I’ve owned. Its colors were crisp and beautiful, but it suffered from a bulky design.

The Dell U2711, predecessor to the U2720Q.

The U2720Q is a worthy successor to the “ultra sharp” U series of monitors, and it may have just replaced the U2711 as my favorite monitor that I’ve ever owned. But is it right for you?

First, the price. The ultra sharp series is in the mid-range for price for 4k monitors. I paid roughly $700 in 2012 for the U2711 and in 2021 the price of the U2720Q is about the same. I got mine for $650. That is roughly double what I had paid for the P2715Q. For that price, I expect a superior product.

U2720Q has a great feature set that will make many users happy in 2021:

  • 4k display. Okay, nothing revolutionary about this, as 4k has been available for a while.
  • USB-C with charging capability. I can confirm this monitor can power a MacBook Pro 16″ which requires a whopping 90 Watts of power. The monitor has not problem with this at all.
  • Excellent brightness and color accuracy, as far as I can tell. I’m not too fussy about colors as I mostly use my computer for writing and programming. Everything looks great. I leave my brightness setting at about 70% and that’s more than enough for me.
  • The monitor is very attractive. Bezels are smaller and the monitor inputs are more streamlined compared to previous models. Viewing angles are also incredible.
  • I especially like the STAND for this monitor. This is an undervalued aspect of monitors. Dell does a great job of giving a really good, solid stand that isn’t so ugly or wobbly that you NEED a Vesa mount for it. The base is sturdy and professional looking, while also managing to appear slick and modern. It definitely matches the aesthetic of a MacBook Pro. I’ve tried different Vesa mounts for other Dell monitors, but with this one the stand looks so good I’m not even going to bother.
  • Finally, 60 Hz + 4k looks great for productivity and lite gaming. If you’re wanting a 144 Hz monitor, look elsewhere. For the price and given the quality of construction here, I think the U2720Q strikes a fantastic compromise between productivity and recreation.

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