Texas: The Land of Frequent Water Outages

I’m now on my third day without water in Texas. I mean, I have zero water. Nothing at all comes out of my tap.

Even worse, there is nothing to buy because stores quickly sold out due to the detestable Texan habit of panic buying water whenever a major storm comes through.

This sort of thing has happened once before, but this is the first time I’ve ever lost all water. In October 2018, we lost water filtration for a week after the county’s water treatment plant flooded. In this case, we still had water in the tap, though – it just wasn’t treated, so we had to boil the water first.

I moved to Texas for work and better economic opportunities. Many millions have chosen to relocate here for the same reason, leading to huge growth in the state, especially in metro areas.

But it seems that this growth has outpaced modernization of infrastructure. Any area will experience growing pains as population increases, but it isn’t common for basic services like electric power and water to become unavailable.